Wor[l]d is a typographical project of "exploration". We wanted to create twenty-one alien worlds from letters. Thanks to Blender and Octane as a render engine, we used displacement maps on each letter to create new, incredible worlds.

We started with the creation of the letter, cleaned the model, created unique surfaces and extracted the UV map.
The base of our letter A
After that we took advantage of the free JS Displacement tool and created displace maps for each letter. Height and Color palette.
Displacement maps with color palette

We then rendered with Octane using the Texture Displacement node.
After that we added simple spaceships to give you an idea of ​​the size of the newly created world.
Final result

And here are all the Wor[l]ds we have made: a true universe of fantastic planets to be inspired by!
Any poster?
Some beer?
The primary objective was pure study, pure graphic exploration. But we like to think that Wor[l]d can turn into something different: we would like to create an artbook that retraces this incredible flight between the planets we have imagined, a sort of collector's item for lovers of typography.

We would like to create a very high definition artbook with the complete collection of all created worlds and real details.
[If you are an interested printer, feel free to contact us! ]

Let us know if this book may be of interest to you so we can let you know when we make it available for purchase.
An animation to show the process behind Wor[l]d
Thanks for watching!

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