We wanted to create a new bookcase that exploited a unique and truly "pop" object: the Rubik's cube! 
So we designed Rubook, the moving bookcase.
Rubook is a personal project that uses the shape of the Rubik's cube to create a modular bookcase
with two rotatable shelves, in which we can insert books or other everyday objects.
Rubook style is unique and unmistakable and allows you to give your spaces new dimensions and new creative solutions!
Here our starting point: first sketches! And then Illustrator. After that, 3d model and render.
Rubook© has a simple, clean and extremely easy to make design. Perfect for any, eventual 3D molds!
Thanks for watching and we hope you like it!
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("Rubik" trademark belong to their respective owners. In this moment, "Rubook" is just a personal project and not a commercial product)
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